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Broken Syria

I took this photograph of a group of school kids on a bus a number of years ago when I lived in Damascus, Syria. I remember thinking how unsafe the shattered windscreen looked, but that the children were completely oblivious smiling, laughing and waving at me like mad.
When I used to look at this photograph, it reminded me of what a friendly and vibrant city this was.
Today, when I look at the photograph, a wave of melancholy passes over me, as the whole infrastructure of this beautiful and fascinating country has been destroyed – shattered – broken.

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  1. rubyr8 May 24, 2015 — Post Author

    A sad reality, expressed in a beautiful picture. Perfect for the challenge.

    • alidunnell May 26, 2015 — Post Author

      Thank you RubyrS. I am glad so many people have enjoyed this photograph. It really was a lovely moment.

  2. Levysoro May 24, 2015 — Post Author

    The smiling faces of the schoolkids inspire some kind of “hope” for that country to reach peace and freedom.
    Beautiful photo.

    • alidunnell May 26, 2015 — Post Author

      I agree Levysoro… we must always look towards peace and hope for the future… for so many countries. Thank you.

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