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Oh I do like to be beside the Indian Ocean – Weekly photograph challenge.

Here is a mesh gallery of the best day, from beginning to end, of my recent family holiday to an idyllic beach house next to the Indian Ocean, just north of Dar Es Salaam.
The day comprised of watching the moon go down on one side of the house and then the sun come up on the opposite side, over the Indian Ocean.
This was followed by an early morning walk along Jangwani beach with Lottie, Leon, Frida and Piana the dog, where the local fishermen were busy trawling for fish.
After lunch, we came down again to the beach again and the children had some more fun splashing around in the waves, while I read my book.
And when the children were in bed, my husband and I shared a bottle of wine over a game of chess, while listening to the hypnotic sound of the Indian Ocean. 
I think you will have to agree that a perfect day was had by all. 
I hope you like my photos.

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  1. nivs24 August 22, 2015 — Post Author

    The beach always brings out the best.

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