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The Spiderman Agama

The Spiderman Agama, or to use its actual name the male Mwanza Flat-Headed Rock Agama (Agama Mwanzae), was such a tricky subject to capture on camera.
As soon as you move near to them they scurry off at the speed of light. And despite the fact that there are large numbers in and around the school grounds where I teach, Isamilo International School in Mwanza, it took me a great deal of care and patience to get this shot.
On a sunny afternoon while I was planning lessons, long after the students had left the school for the day, I spotted this lizard basking on a rock outside my classroom. Slowly I crept towards him, hiding behind rocks and holding my breathe so he wouldn’t notice me. I managed to get really close, then popped my head up quick and took my camera out and snap!
And yes the colours on the male really are that amazing blue and red, hence the Spiderman nickname.

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  1. litadoolan November 1, 2015 — Post Author

    Vivid colours, what a beautiful creature.

  2. schattenengel January 17, 2017 — Post Author

    Just beautiful

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