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Kerouac and the Kittens


Kerouac and the kittens

We recently had a few more additions to our family – three very fluffy, very cute little kittens.
And because we have three children and three kittens, the children want a kitten each. So, for first time in my cat ownership history I am allowing the children to name the kittens – the current names are Glitter, Spitfire and Cardboard!
So, brighten up  your day, click on the youtube clip below, and enjoy a couple of minutes with Kerouac and the Kittens (what a blooming good name for a band that would be).


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  1. Rosie Scribblah November 29, 2015 — Post Author

    aaaawwwww lovely

  2. Marc-André November 29, 2015 — Post Author

    Oh my god!!!! They are too cute

  3. dunelight March 30, 2016 — Post Author

    “Cardboard”…absolutely brilliant. 😀

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