Finding my sketchbooks and travel journals

I am over the moon with excitement…

A few weeks ago I drove, with my family, across Sweden and Denmark, sailed the North Sea, and then travelled through pretty much every county in England, with the aim of collecting some of my old travel journals, sketchbooks and photographs (and visiting friends and family too).

It has been two weeks now since the initial excitement of finding my art work and checking that it was still intact and had not rotted away in my attic in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire.  After stashing the sketches and snaps in my car, I drove all the way back to Sweden from Yorkshire and have subsequently been preoccupied by looking after my three little toadlings, while they enjoy the last few days of their summer hols.

But, today was their first day back at school, and I was able to look through my sketchbooks for the first time in years and years am so excited by seeing all my old memories.

Now I intend to use them to make lots of wonderful art, which I will share here. Hurrah to dry attics and hurrah to fantastic Swedish childcare!


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  1. Hi could you please try to add this to my blog?? it is such a lovely blog that you have here…regards Diane.

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    1. Ali Dunnell says:

      Hi Diane, I am happy for you to put a link to my website on your blog and am glad you like my work so much. Ali


      1. Thank you very much Ali. Yes I found your blog very nice . I have managed to place your blog. However I have some difficulties placing Ossjays blog in for some reason. Best regards Diane.

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  2. thank you for your like Ali.Good wishes to you regards Diane.

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