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Every Day in May (part two)

Here are the last 16 sketches from the online art challenge I have been recently taking part in – Everyday in May.

For every day in May, along with other artists from around the world, I posted sketches of whatever the subject was on that particular day on the facebook page Everyday in May.

These pictures were created between May 17th to May 31st 2014, and topics included a cat, something dangerous, a park bench and something you bought while you were on a trip.

It has been really interesting to share creative experiences and it is wonderful to see how people interpret the different topics. I also really appreciate getting instant feedback on my images.

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  1. Carol. June 8, 2014

    There are some really lovely images here, Ali. I love how colourful most of them are too. Not sure which is my favourite – probably the latest one; the elephant is so beautifully drawn. Congrats for sticking at it too! x.

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