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Tanzania – First impressions in my sketchbook

We have been here in Mwanza for about ten days now and despite the obligatory mosquito bites we are settling in well.

The house we are living in is huge and my children have been enjoying running around the house and climbing trees.

The garden is lush with colourful bougainvillea trees and hibiscus flowers and to top it all off a family of about 12 monkeys regularly come to visit.

The street markets are amazing and I hope that when I get my confidence up, and a little bit of Swahili, I will venture in with my sketchbook and paints.

Until then, I thought I would share my first few sketches of Tanzania; the view across Mwanza and Lake Victoria from Isamilo Lodge, a detailed sketch of one of the hibiscus flowers in my garden and a bottle of Serengeti beer.


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  1. Åsa Hallström August 28, 2014

    Love your new pics you’ve made!!! So colourful and what an experience dear Ali!! Hugs to all of you!!

  2. August 29, 2014

    Thank you or should I say “assante sana”……your pictures brought back such memories for us…….our local beer in Arusha was Tembo….very gassy but lovely served very cold after a hot days work.  Just don’t drink the Piwa……it’s deadly. Just spent a week with Roland and Karol in Canterbury and feel really refreshed.  Karol stayed the night with me after visiting Lynne and she reorganised my wardrobe for me and bagged up a couple of sacks for the charity shops…….it’s a good excuse to buy something new.   Have you bought a kitengi yet from the market……..the coolest thing to sleep in.    Hope all goes well and school is good. Look forward to your next blog. Regards Brenda
    Brenda Codd

    • alidunnell September 11, 2014

      Hi Brenda, sorry for the late response, the internet connection is intermittent and my computer is a bit old, plus I am absolutely shattered from starting a new job. All that aside, we are all settling nicely. The most exciting thing is that a family of monkeys regularly come into our back garden. WE have ventured out a few times to the markets, which are wonderful, I really want to get out with my paint brush, but feel I should have a few Swahili phases under my belt first. My school is lovely with the staff and the children being very friendly and welcoming. Much love, Ali x

  3. joan dunnell August 30, 2014

    Looks fantastic hope you are all well. xx

    • alidunnell September 11, 2014

      We are all really well Joan. It is a huge culture shock, but I think we are all adjusting well. The school is wonderful and children are really lovely. The house is large and the garden has some wonderful bright exotic flowers in it. Much love to you and Bill, Ali xxx

  4. Bill & Joan Dunnell September 5, 2014

    you7’re very good xxxxx luv it xx

  5. Carol. September 10, 2014

    So glad you’re all settling in. I’ll swap you the monkeys in your garden for the starlings and pooping cat in mine! xx.

    • alidunnell September 11, 2014

      The monkeys are wonderful, but the keep stealing my hibiscus flowers… really. And there is a farm next to our house, and with that comes cow smells and moos and cockadoodle doos around the clock – saying that the sounds all blend in rather well with the call to prayer blasting out of the mosques. Hope you’re well my dear. Much love, Ali xxx

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