Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

A double rainbow over  Saltsjön in Stockholm
A double rainbow over Saltsjön in Stockholm

I thought of this image immediately in response to this week’s photography challenge prompt, rule of thirds.

It was taken over a year ago, when I was living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. It was one of those endless Scandanavian midsummer nights and I was out celebrating the end of term with a group of teachers in a bar on Skeppsbrokajen over looking Saltsjön.

Suddenly the sky turned black and there was a huge thunderstorm. Everyone sheltered inside the bar while the rain fell, then through the steamed up windows, I noticed this perfect double rainbow had appeared and covered the entire Stockholm skyline. I got absolutely soaked taking the photograph, but it was worth it – this is still one of my favourite photographs of my time in Sweden.

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    1. alidunnell says:

      Thanks Janet… it really was the most stunning rainbow I’ve ever seen.


    1. alidunnell says:

      The sky was so dark and the colours of the rainbow were do strong. And what was amazing it that the double rainbow stayed in the sky for about 10 minutes.

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      1. it is an impressive picture

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  1. seeker says:

    And if you look at the reflection of the buildings there are three of them. Lucky you to see double rainbow!


    1. alidunnell says:

      Thanks “Seeker” it was one of those moments where you are left utterly speechless by the beauty of nature.

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  2. Wow! Stunning capture!

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