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Shadows in photography – the shadows are as important as the light

I always try to look for an interesting image or composition when taking a photograph, and sometimes, as in art, the negative space or the shadow of an object is more interesting than the subject itself.

Looking at these photographs of shadows made me think of the quote: “The Shadows are as important as the light”.

I had thought this was written by Charlotte Bronte for her gothic themed novel Jane Eyre, which is full of ghosts, folklore, mystery and shadows.

But after some searching online I found that although the quote does have a connection with the classic Victorian novel, but is wrongly attributed to the eldest Bronte sister. The line actually comes from Franco Zeffirelli’s 1996 film version of Charlotte Bronte’s novel. In the film Jane Eyre says the statement “Remember, the shadows are just as important as the light.” to her pupil.


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  1. Josh March 28, 2015

    Wonderful shadow and light effects, Ali. Stark and haunting, yet beautiful. Thanks for sharing! x

    • alidunnell March 28, 2015

      Thanks Josh. I really love the light at dawn and dusk – great for photos. Hope you’re enjoying London life. Ali x

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