Close Up Cockroach


Close Up Cockroach
Close Up Cockroach

I found this delightful, and thankfully dead, little creature on my patio and in the early morning sunlight thought it would make a great close up image.
One of my earliest experiences of life here in Mwanza, Tanzania, was when I was enjoying a sundowner in the garden and a cockroach ran up the leg of my trousers.
I have come to the come to the conclusion that cockroaches really are rather grotesque, both at a distance and up close. 

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  1. Bugs are pretty gross in general. But it’s a good photo otherwise lol

    1. alidunnell says:

      Thanks… I think finding their hairy little legs in my kitchen cupboards is something I’ll never quite get used too though!

      1. I bet! I wouldn’t either.

  2. The shadow is amazing. Very creepy.

  3. Ann Curran says:

    Ugh !! The photo took me right back…. I did have a very ‘close encounter’ with one, but cannot put experience in print….! One to save for when you’re next in Baldock !

  4. pinkpodster says:

    My favorite view of a cockroach — when they are flat on the back dead or close to death!! Great photo of a gross critter.

  5. Interesting take on the challenge. And I remember absolutely hating the feeling of their hurried run up my leg / foot too. 🙂

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