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Regressing to my teenage gothic self at Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire

Whitby Abbey in Green, North Yorkshire, England

 Whitby Abbey in Green, North Yorkshire, England

One hundred and ninety nine steps up from a harbour town stands the imposing Gothic remains of a 13th Century abbey.

On a clear day you can see for miles around, out to the North Sea on one side and across the Yorkshire moors on the other. And on days when the weather is rainy and windswept and the Abbey is shrouded in mist it just adds to the eerieness of the location.

The monastic ruins of Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire have bewitched visitors for hundreds of years and when I visited the English Heritage site last summer, they had a bizarre hypnotic effect on me.

While I stood gazing up at the abbey, I could feel myself regressing to my teenage gothic self, and the whole image became a blurry 1980s independent video shot with green, purple, red and pink filters.

So, when I edited the photos I decided to experiment with colour and saturation. Here are the results.

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  1. swansea historic family stories by diane heddon February 6, 2017

    Amazing what we can do with the bright coloured tec from the internet..It’s very fashionable these days to add what is namely BLING haha, . clever, exiting, and ho yeh BLING.

  2. thewonderer86 February 7, 2017

    Love it. Bought a smile to my face. Sometimes, it’s great to play!

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