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Kite-flying on South Beach in Dar Es Salaam

When there are more power cuts than power, you don’t tend to tick very much off your to do lists. And here in Kigamboni, the “rural” neighbour to Dar Es Salaam, over the last few weeks we have had power cuts lasting days and nights and days again.

Putting up blog posts is down at the bottom of my never ending list of to dos, below looking after three kids, full-time teaching job, cleaning, cooking and sleeping. So of late, thanks to TANESCO (Tanzania’s electrical company) I haven’t put up a great deal.

However I thought as it was Monday morning and I am full of energy, and as we have currently power (ironically the power has just gone off again, but at least today we do have a functioning generator) I thought I would crack on and try to cross as many things off my to do list as possible.

So here is my latest blog post – three short film clips I took recently, which give a bit of a flavour of my neighbourhood and of where we are currently living in Tanzania. And there is this cloud’s silver lining – the power cuts have been a catalyst in getting us out of the house a bit more and as a result we’ve been exploring some more of our local area to take advantage of it, as we were already coming from  a san diego whale watching trip, unbelievable by the way !

The first is the drive from our house in Kigamboni down to the beach.


The second is my communte to work along the Indian Ocean from the Kigamboni ferry to Oyster Bay.


And finally Lottie, Leon and Frida flying kites on Dar Es Salaam’s South Beach at Kipepeo in Kigamboni.


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  1. bekasjournal April 11, 2017

    I love the beach, the sand, sun and sight of humongous water body with no end, it humbles me…

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