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It’s that time of year when people start spending money like it’s going out of fashion. What with Black Friday tomorrow and 31 days to Christmas, anything and everything you can think of has being reduced and it is almost impossible not to spend, spend spend.
If I am honest, I actually hate all the spending and consumerism that goes on at this time of year, and would much prefer to sit down with a cup of tea and make some home-made crafty or culinary gifts to share with friends and family. But I promised myself I would put my shoulder to the wheel with regards to the business side of promoting my art work and actively try to sell my designs. So, it is with a hint of irony that I am encouraging you to part with your money today, as I am announcing the launch of my two new online art shops – just in time for you to purchase some last minute items for the festive season.
The two companies I’ve teamed up with, Red Bubble and Society6 , will be selling my painted, photographed and sketched designs, printed onto clothes, electronic device cases, stationery, home decor, bags and art prints.
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There are so many things available from both these shops that to list all of them would make me sound like a very competent contestant on the Generation Game. But whatever budget you have, I guarantee there will be something for you, from the humble sticker to the lavishly framed art print.  There are products suitable for the trendy types – A-line dresses, hoodies, i-phone and laptop cases, for the house-proud types – cushions, duvet covers, clocks and curtains, for the arty booky types – hardcover journals and spiral notepads and for everyone else mugs, cups, postcards and cards.
Over the last year, I’ve had lots of enquiries with regards to how people can purchase prints and cards of my designs. But living in East Africa for the last three and a half years where the postal service is unreliable at best, has made it difficult to act on this and actually sell art. Working with these two print on demand companies, has allowed me to sell my work to a wider audience. I create my designs here in Nairobi, share it online, where you can choose a product, pay for it, the company then print it, make it and send it out to you and (hopefully) everyone’s a winner.

A selection of my designs now available from Red Bubble

For a full list of products, prices and more information, please visit:


A selection of my designs now available from Society6

For a full list of products, prices and more information, please visit:

I also sell my work on  Vida too. In addition to the women’s tops, pillows, bags and scarves which they have been selling since last year, they have expanded their range and now sell more products including  passport holders, luggage labels, statement clutch bags and a selection of jewellery.

A selection of my designs currently available from Vida

For a full list of products, prices and more information, please visit:

You can also find more details of where to buy my art on my Travels with my Art shop page.  
Happy Shopping 🙂

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  1. Whitby Abbey. One of my favourite Archtectural Ruins.

    1. Ali Dunnell says:

      One of mine too 🙂

  2. Hey Ali, You had me at “cup of tea.” Then, bummer, you lost me. Oh well. Happy holidays and good luck!

    1. Ali Dunnell says:

      Sorry Healing Pilgrim – I can’t image blatant promotion and consumerism being up your street, and it is not really up mine either, but needs must, and I am trying to kick start a career in actually selling art, rather than just making and enjoying it. Hope you’ll keep following Travels with my Art and that my moment of consumerism hasn’t put you off 😉 Ali

      1. Not at all, and I get that. Despite my (hopefully) mini-moan, I really do appreciate that you want to share your gift(s) with the world at large! Spread the Ali-Art love 😉

  3. How exciting for you. Good luck with it all.

  4. jillian says:

    These are gorgeous! You are so talented, I love all of them! Keep up the good work.

    1. Ali Dunnell says:

      Thanks so much Jillian 🙂

  5. Beautiful. I love Redbubble and Society 6. Both are great sites. Will have to check this stuff out the next time I’m looking for something cool and different

    1. Ali Dunnell says:

      Thank you Sarah 🙂

  6. Carol Ann Lee says:

    Am so proud of you, my clever friend! Just made my first purchase! xxxxxx

    1. Ali Dunnell says:

      So it was you 🙂 The feeling is mutual – I am always so proud of you and always will be my talented chum. Love you lots and lots and miss you so much it hurts to think about it. Ali xxx

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