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Urkult Festival in Sweden – More than just a Celebration of Music

It is difficult to pinpoint what makes Urkult festival in Sweden so magical.  Whether it is the setting, the people, the atmosphere, the performances or the philosophy, but whatever it is, Urkult festival is a truly enchanting experience.

Urkult – The setting

The three-day-festival is located in northern Sweden, between Sundsvall and Umeå, near a village called Näsåker.  Despite being set deep in a pine forest forest it is also somehow high up in the clouds, situated above a valley looking down over the river Ångermanälven. The views are simply breathtaking.

The festival has been held every year since 1995. But it comes as no surprise that people have been meeting at this location here for more than 25 years. People have met at this location for thousands of years. Down in the valley carved into the rocks on the rapids are the largest collections of rock-carvings in Europe. The Petroglyphs at Nämforsen comprise of over 2000 carvings dating back 6000 years.

URKULT – The People and the Atmosphere 

Urkult is not just a folk and world music celebration. It is inclusive eco-friendly gathering of like-minded left-wing people.

For the first weekend of August environmentalists, vegetarians and non-conformists meet in Näsåker for concerts, workshops, theatre, poetry slams and ecological food.

Some may say the clientele are just a bunch of odd-balls – hippies, crusties, travellers and anachists with nothing better to do. Well, if you think this, then kindly stop reading now and click on another website  – because this blog post is a celebration of the open-minded and the socially liberal who make up the counter culture.

At Urkult there are people of all ages dressed in eccentric clothes and costumes. But it is the friendship and feeling of peacefulness which unites the festival goers.

Urkult – The performances

The festival kicks off on the Thursday night at midnight with the magical Eldnatten or Night of Fire. The show is a mix of drums, vocals, dance and fire. It is set in the main stage of the site, which is a natural amphitheatre.


Here were some more photos of my performance highlights from Urkult 2019 – Pussy Riot, Woodlands, Brincadeira, Erik Lundin, Kajsa Balto, Familjen Kaos and Skenet


Ali, Mark, Lottie, Leon and Frida having a blast at Urkult 2019
Lottie, Leon and Frida making their mark on the Urkult Graffiti Wall

I think it’s fair to say that if you’re going to Urkult next year, then I’ll probably see you (hopefully down the front)



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  1. thewonderer86 August 8, 2019

    Lovely photos conveying what looks like a great atmosphere.

  2. Embla Ester Granqvist August 8, 2019

    Seems like you had a wonderful time! It’s been many years since I went to Urkult, but after reading this I’m already planning for how to get myself up there again next year. ^^

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