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A room of my own – my new art studio (part 2)

A year ago to the day I wrote a blog post about having a new space to paint in. I had converted, well taken over, our small shed and started using it as mini studio. As I said in my blog post at the time. “The light isn’t perfect and the size isn’t really big enough, however it is my space and a place for me to think, plan, create and paint.”

Fast forward to now – August 2021

In the last year we have moved into our very own house (last year we were renting), a little blue house on the outskirts of Stockholm.

Having a house probably isn’t that exciting for most people, but for me it is.  We did have a house when we lived in England, but for the last ten years we have been like nomads, moving around different countries and renting different homes. But now, we finally have a fixed base. The house is a good size with a separate room for each of my children, who had previously only shared rooms, and a big garden, with elder, apple and cherry tree (for making jams and wine). We also got a dog, a Siberian Husky called Zoya

And an art studio all of my own!

I remember showing a colleague a picture of my new studio and they said: “It’s lovely, but isn’t is a bit dark, I thought artists needed natural light.”  Although I was a bit miffed by their slightly negative response, I thought maybe, but it is the art space I have always needed/ wanted.

In addition to the excitement of moving house, getting a dog and getting my art studio, last year we also shipped over all of our belongings from our house in England. This included all of my old artwork, all my travel diaries, travel sketchbooks, my photographs, my old artwork and my old passports. Now I basically have inspiration overload. So in addition to have a place to paint, think and create, I now have all my memories around me, so I can use first hand inspiration whenever I need it.

Summer Holiday = Doing loads of artwork 

So while I have been on summer from work as a teacher (and yes the summer holidays for teachers are huge, particularly here in Sweden) I’ve been very busy. Along with doing lots of painting and writing blog posts, I have been building up contacts and following up commissions.

Paintings, prints, prices and commissions 

For more information about how you can buy original paintings, prints and greeting cards please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also find more information from my art website. Also if you would like to request a commission, please get in touch. Commissioning artwork is a unique experience which gives you the chance to have a personalised piece of art that will stay with you forever.and more information to my art website. 


English writer Virginia Woolf once argued that “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. I suppose in my case it is finding a room of my own to paint.

For any more information about my paintings, prints, prices or commissioning work, then please contact me. 

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  1. Natasha August 4, 2021

    Wonderful to see your art room Ali, and all the brilliant work that is produced there!

    • alidunnell August 4, 2021 — Post Author

      Hello Tash, thanks so much for your comment and I am glad you are enjoying my work… I’m managing to do lots of paintings at the moment. It is great to have all my inspiration in one place for the first time! Ali

    • alidunnell August 8, 2021 — Post Author

      Thanks my dear friend. Hope you can come over to Sweden for a visit and see it in the flesh (so to speak) xxx

  2. tierneycreates: a fusion of textiles and smiles August 4, 2021

    Congratulations on your studio and our studios should work for us, right? We do not care about others opinions 🙂

    • alidunnell August 8, 2021 — Post Author

      I agree entirely – my studio is a space to think and create as well as do art work… even if the light isn’t great 🙂

  3. Bon Repos Gites August 4, 2021

    Wish you every happiness in your new home! 🙂

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