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Silver Birch Trees at Night

I live next to Västra Järvafältet, a nature reserve located to north of Stockholm. Like many of the forests of Sweden, the forest is a boreal (or taiga) forest and is dominated by species of evergreen conifers spruce, fir and pine, the deciduous conifer larch, and species of birch and aspen.

There are lit paths through the forest so you can walk, jog or cycle when it is dark, whatever the time, whatever the weather. When I take my dog for a walk on the very dark winter mornings and evenings, sometimes I go through the forest. As I look through the thick forest, the dark evergreens blend into the night sky and the Silver Birch trees stand out. I love the contrast between the midnight blue sky and the bright silvery white tree trunks.

I always think that a Silver Birch tree (Betula Pedula) looks so delicate against the evergreen trees. But despite its graceful appearance, it is a hardy tree. In Celtic Mythology the Silver Birch was one of the most sacred trees and symbolised purity, new beginnings and protection. Some people believed the tree had sacred properties and the birch was used for expelling evil spirits.

Here is my painting of the Silver Birch trees in the forest at night.

Silver Birch Trees at Night

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