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All aboard the Moomin ferry between Helsinki and Stockholm

What better way to travel in Scandinavia than on board a boat with Moomintroll, Snufkin, Little My and Stinky?

This was how my husband, my children and I travelled when we visited Finland from Sweden. The Finnish cruise company Silja have a Moomin themed ferry which operates between Helsinki and Stockholm.

Throughout the cruise ship there are various Moomin references: a picture of Moomintroll dancing on the outside of the ship, a large cuddly stuffed Moomintroll on a swing hanging above the promenade deck and loads of Moomin merch in the ferry shop. Sometimes Moomintroll and Little My will even be there to meet passengers as they board the boat.

The Moomin themed cabin

However, if you want the 100 percent Moomin experience then you need to stay in one of the Moomin-themed family cabins.

The cabin is covered with the characters from Tove Jansson’s books; Moomin mamma on the door, Stinky under the dressing table, the Hattifatteners behind the coat rack, Snorkmaiden, Sniff, Snufkin and Moomintroll next to the beds and Moominpappa and Little My hiding behind the fold down bunks. The curtains are red and white striped, to match with Moominmumma’s synonymous apron, there are Moomin and Hattifattener lamps and there was even a non-alcoholic bottle of strawberry fizzy pop in the minibar with a picture of Little My and Sniff on the label.

As a life-long Moomin fan this cabin was possibly the best room I have EVER stayed in.

My tour of the cabin

I even brought along my own Moomintroll cuddly for the ride.

More pictures of the cruise ship

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