Dadas at the fish market

I’ve been painting this picture in my head for months now. The Kivukoni Fish Market in Dar Es Salaam is always busy. Both inside and outside the market walls there are scores of people; inside fishermen and traders huddle together around the many different catches of the day, outside house dadas dressed in brightly printed…

Swedish Summertime – and the living is easy

One of the things I learnt about Swedish people in the three years that I lived there, is that they really know how to celebrate and enjoy the summertime. In a country that is cold and dark for muc… Source: Swedish Summertime – and the living is easy

Buying and Selling Bananas in Kenya

This is my latest painting, a watercolour of a group of women buying and selling bananas and mangoes at a street-side market in Kisii, a town in south-west Kenya. The painting was done from a quick sketch I did some months ago while travelling from Mwanza in Tanzania to Nairobi.

Endless Abstract Land

Endless Abstract Land is my interpretation of the Serengeti and is painted using ink and acrylics. Serengeti comes from the Maasai Maa word Serengit and means endless plain and this vast area of grassland spans northern Tanzania and southern Kenya and covers approximately 12,000 sq miles. As I travelled through these immense plains, which are…

Painting is Just Another Way of Keeping a Diary

I was asked to paint some pictures for staff who were leaving Isamilo International School in Mwanza this year. These images were the results. Which one is your favourite? I am now off work for 8 weeks… so plenty of time for painting, sewing and lots of crafty fun. And as Pablo Picasso once said:…

Rock City Paintings

    A few weeks ago my husband and I took advantage of visiting grandparents to have a sneaky evening away without our three young children. Mark had previously won a night for two at a Tunza Lodge, a local beach resort. And when Bill and Joan came to stay, we decided to grab the…

The Hibiscus Thieves

Since I’ve been in Mwanza two things which I’ve enjoyed seeing are the little black faced monkeys who regularly visit our garden and the large colourful hibiscus flowers which grow everywhere. However, I have noticed that remnants of these stunning flowers were often strewn on the lawn.  I didn’t know why, until now. While I…

Summer in the City

“Summer in the City” is my latest travel painting, this time of Havana in Cuba. I have tried to capture the bright vibrant colours of this city in the women’s clothing and set them against the once white washed buildings. The painting is A2 in acrylic and oil pastel.

The floating markets in Bangkok.

I am currently working on a painting, inspired by the floating markets of Bangkok.  Here are some early sketches, in watercolour and in paint, which I will be using as inspiration for my final piece of work.

Snow Falling Soundlessly

Last week, when I thought winter in Sweden had long gone, there was an unexpected fall of snow. It came heavily and suddenly one night, submerging the yellow and purple crocus flowers which had already started to grow in the lawns and gardens. It really was rather magical. As inches of snow fell late into…